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The Effects of Alcohol on the Body

A lot of people enjoy drinking. Whether you drink often or just once a year, alcohol begins to impact your body the moment you take your first sip. The occasional glass of wine at dinner may not be a cause for concern, but the cumulative impacts of drinking can take quite a toll on your body. Alcohol addiction is a whole other story: the more alcohol someone consumes, the more of an effect it has on the system. These effects can lead to dangerous, destructive choices such as drinking and driving, violence, and more.

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7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Represent Yourself

A lot of people wonder whether they can represent themselves in court when charged with a crime. The quick answer is, technically, yes; you can represent yourself in court. The law allows anyone to appear “pro se,” which means “on one’s behalf.” However, though it is legal, that doesn’t mean it’s a smart choice to make, especially if the crime is serious. Learn more reasons why you shouldn’t represent yourself in court.

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Intoxication as a Defense in a Criminal Case

Intoxication is something that affects millions of people every day. There are many symptoms of intoxication, from lowered inhibitions and faster anger to blurred vision and impaired movement. In a worst-case scenario, these symptoms can lead to crime—whether that be minor or serious. Though it is not an excuse for criminal conduct, intoxication deprives a person of the mental capacity to form intent. To convict people of certain crimes, the law requires they have intent. Therefore, intoxication as a defense applies in very limited circumstances and will typically depend on whether the inebriation was voluntary or involuntary. Learn more about intoxication as a defense in a criminal case below.

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The Difference Between Kidnapping and Abduction

Both serious offenses, kidnapping and abduction are two separate crimes even though they often get lumped together. It’s important, however, to understand the differences between the two and the consequences that come from them. Read more below about the difference between kidnapping and abduction, and then, we’ll touch briefly on the two big factors you should remember when comparing the two.

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How to Integrate Back Into Society After Serving Time

In the United States, after their release from prison, former criminals face a world much different than the one they lived in before their arrest. The environment completely changed and is now an immense challenge that actively deters individuals from becoming productive members of society. There are two different routes for re-entry—following the reintegration programs and successful readjustment or returning to prison.

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Different Categories of Sex Crimes

The effect of a sex crime conviction can harm a person’s reputation, personal and professional relationships, and employment opportunities. A sex crime is a very serious offense. The severity of these punishments means it’s important for anyone accused of them to know what they’re up against legally. Educating oneself on the different categories of sex crimes is one of many steps to make sure you avoid harming another altogether. In this blog, we’ll discuss these different crimes and the consequences that come from—read on for more information.

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5 Strategies for Job Searching with a Criminal Record

Those convicted of a crime or with an arrest record know that these events can end up being quite detrimental to various aspects of your life. This can range from personal and familial tension to throwing a wrench in your career. If you’re job hunting, you may notice that it’s harder to land an interview or the hiring manager displays some reluctance. But this doesn’t mean you should give up! It’s possible to overcome these challenges and still find and obtain your dream job. Follow these strategies for job searching with a criminal record—give yourself a better chance to land the perfect job.

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Common Prostitution-Related Crimes

Prostitution is a serious offense and often results in serious consequences. Across the country, each state has different laws about prostitution, and Oregon is no different. To put it simply, under Oregon law, it’s a crime to buy or sell sex, make money from prostitution, or force another to engage in prostitution. We compiled a quick guide to the common prostitution-related crimes and their consequences. Read on for more information.

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Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’re facing charges for something that could heavily affect your future, then it’s a good idea to get a criminal defense lawyer to help with your case. Whether you’re falsely accused, innocent, or guilty, a strong attorney will help you with everything that revolves around the case. Read on for more crucial benefits of hiring a criminal defense attorney—you don’t have to deal with these charges alone.

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Tips for Staying Sober and Safe in College

Sobriety is a difficult thing to handle, especially when on a college campus. Many students make the mistake of underage drinking and do so in an unsafe and unhealthy way. Unfortunately, these choices can lead to drunk driving and other crimes. If an officer charges you with any crimes related to alcohol or drugs, reach out to Jared Justice—a Clackamas County DUII attorney.

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