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10 Common Rules to Follow During Your Probation

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According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, “Approximately 1 in 55 adults in the United States were under community supervision at year-end 2016.” Probation is quite common for people who’ve committed misdemeanor crimes. Your West Linn criminal defense attorney will do their best to get you the best probation terms possible. After that, it is up to you to abide by the rules.

Report to your probation officer

You must report to your probation officer as ordered. You must also listen to your probation officer and do what they say.

You cannot use or possess controlled substances

If you are under probation, you are not allowed to use or possess any controlled substances unless they are for a medical prescription.

You must submit to testing

You must submit to testing for controlled substance, cannabis, or alcohol use. If you have a history of substance abuse—or if there is reasonable suspicion that you have illegally used controlled substances—you will have to test.  

You must participate in a substance abuse evaluation

If there are reasonable grounds to believe that you have a history of substance abuse, you will have to participate in and complete a substance abuse evaluation.

You must remain in your state of residence

Unless you receive written permission, you will have to stay in the state that you reside in.

You may have to find and maintain full-time employment

If possible and physically able (as determined by the court), you may have to find and maintain gainful full-time employment, schooling, or both.

You must get permission if you change jobs or residency

Before changing jobs or residency, you must get permission to do so. You can do this through either the Department of Corrections or a county community corrections agency.

You must allow access to your home

You must let your probation officer enter your residence so that they may investigate the area. You must also allow the probation officer to search your person, vehicle, or premises if there is evidence of a violation.

You must obey all laws

Whether it be federal, state, or local, you must refrain from violating any law.

You must truthfully answer all reasonable inquiries

You must promptly and honestly answer all reasonable inquiries by the Department of Corrections.

You cannot possess weapons or dangerous animals

You are not allowed to have any weapons—such as firearms—or dangerous animals on your person, in your vehicle, or at your residence.

You may have to participate in a mental health evaluation

If directed by the supervising officer and following the recommendation of an evaluator, you may have to participate in a mental health evaluation.

These are some of the most common rules that you will have to follow during your probation. If you have been recently charged with a criminal offense, talk to a West Linn criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

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