First Time DUII Offender? Here is What You Need To Know

In Oregon, state law prohibits the operation of a motor vehicle by a driver impaired by alcohol or drugs to a noticeable and perceptible degree.  Even if you are at or below a .08 BAC, you are at risk of getting a DUII if you are impaired.  Knowing when to contact a Clackamas County attorney is extremely important to your DUII defense.

Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants is the term used in Oregon and can be complicated for people to understand. Consulting with an experienced Clackamas County attorney can help you understand what you need to know about your DUII charge.

Criminal DUII Penalty

When you are convicted of a DUII for the first time, the judge has to sentence you to either serve jail time (48 hours) or perform community service work (80 hours) at a minimum.  For a first conviction, a jail sentence typically ranges from two to five days. The judge can decide to sentence you to community service in lieu of jail time, but it must not be less than 80 hours of community service.  Often judges will not do this in Clackamas County without some sort of unusual or extraordinary circumstances.

The fines can end up significantly hurting your bank account, especially if you have made the mistake of committing a DUII for a second or third time. For the first conviction, not including a $255 conviction fee, the minimum fine is $1,000.

Keep in mind that if your blood alcohol concentration was .15% or more, the fine will be much higher.

DUII Diversion Program

If you are a first time offender of a DUII, you may qualify for Oregon’s DUII diversion program.  Participants in the program are required to either enter a plea of no contest or guilty to the initial charge, under the law.  Further, they are then required to complete an evaluation, treatment, and the Victim Impact Panel.  There are many other obligations that are conditions of diversion.  A person planning on entering the diversion program should always hire an experienced local attorney to make sure that they are well informed.

If you successfully complete the program within one year, your DUII case will be dismissed, with prejudice.  Keep in mind that more time may be granted to complete everything, if more time is needed.

Two Portland Timbers Arrested and Charged With DUII in Lake Oswego

This October in Oregon, star athletes Jacob Gleeson and Liam Ridgewell were arrested and charged with DUII.

Drunk driving is an epidemic across the entire country, as the average drunk driver gets behind the wheel intoxicated at least 80 times before they’re arrested.  When someone is charged with drunk driving, a DUII can carry serious consequences that can potentially ruin someone’s life for years, even decades, to come.  However, with the right DUII attorney, it’s possible to overcome an arrest and improve your life for the better.  That being said, we’ll have to wait and see how the two star players for the Portland Timbers handle their DUII charges in Lake Oswego Municipal Court.

According to KOIN, Ridewell and Gleeson, the Timbers’ captain and goalkeeper, were arrested in Lake Oswego around 11 p.m. near the intersection of Pilkington Road and Willow Court.  Gleeson crashed his BMW and called Ridewell to come and pick him up.  But when Ridgewell arrived, so did Lake Oswego Police, who suspected both athletes were impaired after administering field sobriety tests.  The two were taken to a Clackamas County jail at 3 a.m. and posted a $7,500 bail to secure their release later in the morning.

The DUII charges came just a few days after the Timbers lost to the Vancouver Whitecaps, which eliminated them from the 2016 playoffs.  Although Portland is out of the playoffs, the team still represents the two players and stated that they have been in “close contact with the players, local law enforcement, and the league office. The club will not have further comment until more information is available.”

In addition to DUII, Gleeson, a New Zealand native, could potentially face charges of reckless driving and reckless endangering.

After speaking with Oregon Live following the team’s victory over the Colorado Rapids, Gleeson, who spent last year on the bench as a backup, said he was motivated to get his team into the playoffs.  “We’re a team that has that fight at the end,” he stated.  “There’s no ‘we’ll get them next time.’ We’re coming to get that last playoff spot.”

Because of the social stigma surrounding drunk driving, you don’t have to be a professional athlete to suffer after a DUII arrest. And no matter who you are, it’s important to find a reputable Lake Oswego attorney to represent you after an arrest.

If you’re facing down a DUII charge, don’t hesitate to contact a criminal defense attorney. Don’t fight your legal battle alone—contact Jared Justice to speak with an Oregon DUII attorney today.