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5 Common Misconceptions About DUII In Oregon

When it comes to DUII charges, many individuals receive misinformation due to the tendency to believe whatever we’ve seen online or on TV. These half-truths can lead to a serious misunderstanding that effects how people view the crime. To combat the most common myths about DUII, we’ve listed five misconceptions and explain the truths behind them.

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Signs You’re Financially Abusing Your Partner & Tips to Stop

Even the best of relationships can be strenuous. People tend to focus on physical and verbal abuse in toxic relationships, but not on financial abuse. According to U.S. News, “Financial abuse occurs in 98% of abusive relationships.” To ensure that you don’t harm your partner in this particular way, learn more about what financial abuse is, the signs you’re financially abusing your partner, and helpful tips on how to stop this behavior. A solid, supportive, and healthy relationship requires open communication, trust, understanding, and so much more.

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The Types of Misdemeanors in Oregon and Their Consequences

Oregon classifies crimes as either felonies or misdemeanors. People often misjudge the impact of what these charges can bring to one’s social and personal life. In order to understand the consequences, one must understand the various actions that fall under the two.

Here you’ll find the different types of misdemeanors and their potential consequences.

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Learn When to Say No to a Police Officer: Know Your Rights

Consider this situation: a police officer pulls you over and approaches your car asking to conduct a search. Under what circumstances can you withhold consent? If you’ve never considered the proper way to respond to such a situation, you’re not alone. Even the most cautious drivers may find themselves ill-prepared to deal with an insistent police officer. Before you get back on the road, familiarize yourself with the U.S. citizenships rights and responsibilities and learn when to say no to a police officer.

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Important Signs of Drug Addiction You Should Know

Although there are around 3,000 certified addiction counselors in Oregon, more than 300,000 Oregon residents have an untreated substance abuse disorder. Drug addiction is something that anyone can struggle with, regardless of their race, socioeconomic status, gender, or sex. When someone takes a drug, whether it is recreational or prescription, they have a chance to develop an addiction.

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The 5 Types of Road Rage & How to Control Each

Road rage happens more often than you would think. Drivers swerve in, cut someone off, and hands fly up in the air in anger. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that almost 80 percent of drivers in 2015 displayed signs of road rage while behind the wheel. While road rage is common, that does not mean it is right to succumb to frustration and let your emotion take over.

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Potential Consequences of Driving While Suspended in Oregon

In 2017, a sheriff’s office in southern Oregon issued 984 citations to drivers who already had a suspended license. There are three levels of charges for driving while suspended in Oregon—violation, misdemeanor, and felony. We briefly detail the potential consequences of driving while suspended in Oregon andhow someone might commit each of these three different crimes.

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6 Publicly-Funded Rehab Facilities in Clackamas County

According to Aspire Health Network, “Only about 10.9% of Oregon drug addicts receive the treatment they require.”

There are many common obstacles that one faces when recovering from addiction, but affordability should not be one of them (even though it, sadly, is). Many people don’t know about publicly-funded facilities for drug and alcohol recovery, which is a shame because these facilities are—typically—more affordable than traditional options.

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