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3 Situations That Require Help From a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Most people never dream that they’ll be in trouble with the law. But unfortunately, it’s possible that you may find yourself in a precarious situation that requires help from a qualified attorney. There are several reasons to hire a criminal defense lawyer for a case. We’re going over just three of those reasons in today’s post.

You should hire a criminal defense attorney when…

  1. Police want to question you: If law enforcement believes you may have in some way been involved in a crime and have requested an interview with you, you should contact a lawyer. Just because you have not yet been arrested doesn’t mean you won’t be. When you don’t have a lawyer in the room, you can’t ensure that your rights will be protected. You could easily implicate yourself in a crime without realizing it. You may have seen on TV and in movies that only guilty people request a lawyer’s presence when speaking with police. But the truth is those innocent people may foolishly refuse help from a lawyer during this stage and come to regret it later. It’s your right to have your attorney present whenever you’re speaking with police.
  2. You’ve been charged with a crime: This may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many people think they can outwit law enforcement and handle their criminal charges alone. But given the complexity of this legal realm and the steep punishments you might face if convicted, you cannot afford to take that risk. You may think the criminal allegations you’re dealing with aren’t serious, but being arrested for even something as simple as a DUI or soliciting a prostitute could land you in serious legal hot water. Even responding to a prostitution ad online could have major consequences, as seen in a recent nationwide sting that resulted in 1,000 arrests — two-fifths of which stemmed from online ad responses. In order to guarantee that your rights are protected once you’re placed under arrest, you need to take these criminal matters seriously and hire a lawyer.
  3. You’ve been offered a plea deal: One of the many good reasons to hire a criminal defense lawyer is if you’re deciding whether or not to take a case to trial. Your lawyer can advise you as to whether it would be in your best interests to fight for your rights in court or to accept a plea deal. If you’ve been offered a plea deal, you’ll definitely need to consult with your attorney. You may have even been offered this plea deal prior to securing a lawyer, which can make it seem like it’s all going to work out just fine. The reality, however, is that you may not actually need to accept this plea deal or you may be able to negotiate better terms for it. Only your attorney can advise you on the best route to take here. The one thing that you won’t want to do is blindly accept the terms of the plea bargain without discussing it with your legal counsel.

There are, of course, countless reasons to hire a criminal defense lawyer. Their knowledge of the criminal justice system and their experience with these cases make hiring an attorney the clear choice if you are being questioned or are facing criminal charges. To learn more, please contact our firm today.

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