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5 Risks of Drinking in the Sun & Tips to Stay Safe

5 Risks of Drinking in the Sun & Tips to Stay Safe

Everyone wants to enjoy the sunshine during the summer. Beaches, barbeques, festivals—all of it sounds like a fantastic time. A lot of people like to celebrate the warm weather with a refreshing beverage, but when those drinks include alcohol, the result can be dangerous.

It’s important to indulge in alcoholic drinks responsibly, as a lot of summer activities turn hazardous when mixed with boozy beverages. Found below are the various risks of drinking in the sun, along with some tips on how to stay safe if you decide to do so.

1. Boating Accidents

For a lot of people, summer is time spent sailing across the water. However, when you mix this activity with alcohol, it can become very dangerous. Boating under the influence is a crime very similar to that of driving under the influence. In Oregon, a “booey” or (BUII) charge is quite prevalent in the summer months. Though it is not illegal to drink while on a boat, if the captain is legally under the influence (their BAC is .08% or above), they can receive a BUII charge. Individuals have to be careful of this as their impairment can be life-threatening.

The U.S. Coast Guard revealed that some accidents involving boating and drinking in the sun can end with capsized boats and people overboard. They note that “alcohol is even more hazardous on the water than on land.” This summer, be careful, know your limits, and understand how drinking alcohol affects your system.

2. Dehydration

The typical hazards of drinking increase when you do it in the sun. Alcohol is a diuretic—your body loses water rather than absorbing it. When you add sunshine to the equation, the chances of severe dehydration increase even more. When you’re in the sun, your body sweats to cool off, and instead of replacing those fluids with water, you’re replacing them with alcohol. Various symptoms will occur from this, including dizziness, headaches, dry mouth, and nausea.

3. Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is a serious possibility when drinking in the sun. It requires emergency treatment because untreated heatstroke can damage your brain, heart, and muscles. Heat illness comes in three phases.

  1. Heat Cramps: this comes from a loss of essential water and sodium.
  2. Heat Exhaustion: the loss of water furthers this phase. You’ll notice cold and clammy skin, heavy sweating, nausea or vomiting, and more.
  3. Heat Stroke: the final phase, you’ll notice a difference in the body—hot and red skin as well as a fast, strong pulse.

4. Drowning

If you are drinking near or in the water, the necessary coordination, energy, and mindset you need to stay afloat diminishes. Reckless attitudes come into play when drinking and adding in the sunshine causes for increased delirium. This can result in various harmful actions, to you or others, that would not happen normally.

5. Car Accidents

The summer months see a substantial increase in alcohol-involved crashes and DUIIs. Specifically, summer holidays tend to bring about many fatal crashes and DUII charges. Do yourself a favor and don’t get behind the wheel at all if you’ve been drinking. DUII charges come with various consequences. According to the SHRM, “seventy million Americans—or 1 in 3 adults—have a criminal record,” and quite a bit of those come from driving under the influence.

Tips for Staying Safe in the Sun

  • Don’t drink and drive
  • After every alcoholic beverage, drink a glass of water
  • Don’t spend too much time in the sun
  • Eat enough food throughout the day
  • Know your limits before you start drinking

We understand that people like to enjoy their summer, but this doesn’t need to include reckless behavior. If it does, get in contact with a West Linn criminal defense attorney so that they can help you lessen your charges.

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