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5 Simple Ways to Turn Your Anger into Positive Energy

5 Simple Ways to Turn Your Anger into Positive Energy

Anger is a difficult emotion to process, and for a lot of people, it can turn into pent up feelings or violent outbursts. Though hard to process, negative energy outputs are harmful to others and yourself, so it’s important to do your best prevent them from happening. To help keep you from striking out against your loved ones—whether verbally, emotionally, physically, or sexually—do try these different ways to turn your anger into positive energy. Don’t give in to the harmful ways of anger.

Create Something

A great way to turn your anger into positive energy is to be creative. Whether it’s through drawing, movement, cooking, or painting, there is something incredibly powerful and cathartic about creating something from your anger. It’s quite simple really—rather than lashing out at your loved ones or turning to substances, take a breath and translate that anger to your creation.

Turn It into Motivation

This may be a bit difficult for some, but it is an incredible way to convert your anger. It takes a lot of focus—try your best to determine the reason for your anger and use it as a motivator for change in your life. Use anger as a way to push you toward your goals. Maybe you’re upset because someone did something “better” than you. Rather than blaming others around you, use this emotion as a way to improve yourself.

Focus on the Healthy Parts

When it comes to your relationships, it’s important to realize that there will be arguments. However, they should never escalate into anything harmful. If you find yourself easily angered in your relationship and you end up lashing out physically, you need to make a change. One way to do that is to understand that some arguments are healthy, and they can lead to growth and positive change in the relationship. Before you escalate to that mindset, take a step back and think about how this disagreement could improve your relationship.

Get Moving

Another one of our favorite ways to turn your anger to positive energy is to get moving. Moderate exercise is a great way to release those angry feelings and bring positive emotions into your life. Exercise creates endorphins in your body, so if you have a lot of anger that you want to transform, go workout. Whether you go for a run, lift weights, or dance! It can help you process your feelings as well as transform them.


Meditation can help you get to the root of your anger and sort out a way to move forward. In the most basic sense, you can take the time to step away from a situation that is getting you upset. Take a few deep breaths and key in on what angered you. Meditation is just another way to help you process your anger rather than lashing out about it.

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