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6 Publicly-Funded Rehab Facilities in Clackamas County

According to Aspire Health Network, “Only about 10.9% of Oregon drug addicts receive the treatment they require.”

There are many common obstacles that one faces when recovering from addiction, but affordability should not be one of them (even though it, sadly, is). Many people don’t know about publicly-funded facilities for drug and alcohol recovery, which is a shame because these facilities are—typically—more affordable than traditional options.

These facilities are also a better alternative to prison for anyone charged with an alcohol or drug-related Clackamas County crime.

Clackamas County Publicly-Funded Facilities for Drug and Alcohol Recovery

Address998 Library Ct., Oregon City, OR 97045

Phone Number: (503) 655-8401

This location mainly focuses on mental health and addiction services. Their services range from adult mental health and substance abuse treatment programs to children, youth, and family treatment programs. At Hilltop Behavioral Health Center, you’ll find peer support and focused individual psychotherapy.

Address38872 Proctor Blvd., Sandy, OR 97055

Phone Number: (503) 722-6950

This is a convenient location for families and individuals who seek access to quality, affordable medical care. They have adult and youth substance abuse treatment programs. Sandy Behavioral Health Center doesn’t refuse someone if they can’t pay.

Address1002 Library Ct., Oregon City, OR 97045

Phone Number: (503)-655-8264                        

Stewart Behavioral Health Center has a ton of different community support team services, one of which is for substance abuse treatment. They focus on alternative coping strategies that help individuals deal with the different thoughts and emotions that lead to substance abuse.

Address110 Beavercreek Road, Suite 100 Oregon City, OR 97045 

Phone Number: (503)-655-8471

Beavercreek is convenient for families and individuals, whether it’s for family planning, health education, or alcohol and drug treatment. Their drug and alcohol treatment services help patients overcome dependencies, adjust to life, and make necessary changes.

Address9775 SE Sunnyside Road, Suite 200, Clackamas, OR 97015

Phone Number(503) 655-8471

An all-in-one health center for individuals and families, Sunnyside Health Center provides medical, dental, mental health, and alcohol and drug treatment services.

Address18911 Portland Ave., Gladstone, OR 97027

Phone Number: (503)-655-8471

Gladstone Health Center provides many different medical services, and they offer everything at an affordable price for the entire family. Their on-site Mental Health Specialist provides outpatient counseling services for both mental health and drug and alcohol issues.

The Benefits of Publicly-Funded Rehab Facilities

Professional Staff

You’ll still get an extremely knowledgeable staff at a publicly-funded facility. These centers employ qualified addiction counselors and have a medical staff that’s there to help individuals recover from substance abuse.

Lower Costs

The services at publicly-funded facilities are, in general, a lot more affordable than they would be at a private facility. If the center is not free, then most will use a sliding scale system; in other words, most facilities adjust treatment costs according to a person’s income.

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