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DUI Disclosure: Do You Have to Include a Drunk Driving Conviction On a Job Application?

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It’s safe to say that most motorists want to avoid being pulled over for any reason. That’s especially true if you get behind the wheel while intoxicated. While fewer than 4,000 people are arrested every day for drunk driving, being charged and subsequently convicted of this crime can have huge consequences.

You could face steep fines, license suspension, community service, alcohol treatment, and jail time, for starters. But aside from immediate ramifications, you’ll also have to deal with major challenges in the future. Your personal reputation might suffer, you may face struggles within your family unit, and you could even have trouble maintaining your current job or being hired for a new one. You might assume that if you haven’t been convicted of a felony, you’ll be in the clear. But with all of the resources available to employers now, your criminal defense attorneys in Clackamas County will stress how important it is to know what you legally have to disclose to your potential boss and what that could mean for your career.

Here’s What an Employer Can Ask You:

On a job application or in an interview, there are questions that employers are prohibited from asking due to state and federal laws. But they can ask you about certain aspects of your criminal history. They can ask whether you have been convicted of a felony or of a crime, whether you’ve had recent driving violations, or whether you have been arrested and/or charged with a violation, misdemeanor, or felony. Some of the questions they ask may be more broad than others; if you are asked these questions, it’s essential to answer truthfully (for reasons we’ll explain shortly). Otherwise, you could be seen as untrustworthy or you could lose your job later on simply because you didn’t disclose.

Should You Disclose Your DUI To an Employer?

It’s generally a good idea, and it’s definitely required if the application asks you about your criminal history. Failing to disclose this information when asked directly is certainly a bad idea. As a rule, you shouldn’t lie to a would-be employer. Keep in mind that, depending on the industry and the company culture, your future boss might not even be fazed by your DUI conviction. But they will likely run a background check on you, and if they realize you weren’t honest about your criminal history, the outcome will likely be far worse than if you had just told the truth from the beginning.

Note that you absolutely need to disclose this information if the law requires applicants in this particular type of position to do so. Pilots, commercial truck drivers, medical personnel, and others may have to disclose any prior DUIs as part of the certification/licensing process. If there is a company-employee agreement or any type of sworn statement of honesty that goes along with your application process, you will need to disclose in those cases, as well.

How to Explain Your DUI in an Interview

Your DUI law firm will probably have informed you to expect questions about your criminal history to come up in the application and interview processes. It’s important to prepare how to answer these questions honestly and professionally. You can work with your criminal defense attorneys in Clackamas County to learn how to disclose truthfully while putting a positive spin on the situation. If you went through counseling or treatment as part of your conviction or you’ve simply learned a lot from your mistakes, you’ll want to highlight those takeaways. Accepting responsibility in a mature way and showing that those mistakes are all in the past is the best approach. If you’re unsure as to what you should say and what you should avoid, your criminal defense attorneys in Clackamas County can be an excellent source of information when applying and interviewing for jobs.

Of course, your best chance of avoiding this scenario altogether is to hire reputable criminal defense attorneys in Clackamas County to defend your case from the start. If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving and require legal assistance, contact our firm today.

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