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How to Avoid Being Involved in a Prostitution Sting

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In television shows and movies, you may have seen seedy men swept up in police stings involving shady hotels and ladies of the night. Exaggerated versions of events like these might make you believe that they could never happen to you. But the truth is that approximately 80,000 Americans are arrested every year for soliciting sex. And while you might think that an arranged meet-up doesn’t carry a whole lot of risks, nothing could be further from the truth.

Law enforcement officers will frequently use the internet to set up online prostitution stings. They will attempt to lure unsuspecting people into a situation in which they can be arrested for solicitation. It’s important to protect yourself by learning about what can happen during this type of sting and how to avoid situations like these entirely. Otherwise, you may need immediate help from prostitution lawyers after the fact.

What Happens During a Prostitution Sting?

In the digital age, police officers will often utilize online tools to make prostitution arrests. They may create an ad on sites like Craigslist (although the site has forbade adult content), Backpage, or others in the hopes of enticing respondents who don’t realize what they’re getting into. When someone responds to the ad, those responses are recorded (either via screen or via phone); the object here is to get the respondent to agree to exchange money or other items of value for a sex act. When the respondent shows up at the meeting place agreed upon (usually a hotel), they’ll typically be arrested for solicitation — even if they have second thoughts and never knock on the door to the room.

Ways to Avoid Being Arrested in a Prostitution Sting

Prostitution lawyers will be quick to tell you that sex crimes of any kind need to be taken seriously. Those who are arrested for solicitation face not only significant legal troubles, but they may also lose their jobs, their families, and their reputations. Therefore, it’s essential to avoid being involved in these kinds of situations. Here’s how you may be able to avoid being arrested in a prostitution sting:

  • Stay off adult forums or websites dedicated to these kinds of arrangements
  • Don’t say anything potentially incriminating via phone call, text message, email, message board, online chat, or other internet platform
  • Never agree or offer to render payment or exchange of products or services for the performance of a sex act
  • Stick to more harmless websites for dating or companionship
  • Never visit an establishment in the hopes of being able to pay for sexual acts

Of course, many people end up learning their mistakes the hard way. If you have been arrested for solicitation or another related sex crime, it’s important to seek out assistance from reputable prostitution lawyers in your area. For more information, contact our firm today.

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