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If You Are Arrested For Prostitution or Solicitation: 3 Things To Know


Every year, approximately 80,000 American citizens are arrested for solicitation. Although such arrests are fairly common, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be taken seriously. In fact, these criminal allegations can have serious consequences, regardless of the specific circumstaces. That’s why you should contact a prostitution defense attorney right away if you are arrested for these kinds of sex crimes. But what else should you know about prostitution charges?


  1. You can remain silent

If you have been arrested in a prostitution sting of some kind, you do have the right to remain silent. Just because you are handcuffed and taken into custody does not mean you’ve lost these rights. Should a police officer question you, you can invoke your rights by telling them that you will not answer any questions until your attorney is present. Police may use tactics to get the information they need, but your attorney can protect you from self-incrimination and can ensure the best outcome for your situation.

  1. Arrests can occur even if no money was exchanged or sexual act took place

Remember that what you say can be used against you (in more ways than one). In many cases, simply offering to exchange money or other compensation for sexual activity can get you arrested. As long as the offer or agreement has actually been made, the sexual act doesn’t actually have to take place. The compensation doesn’t even have to be exchanged for these criminal allegations to be brought against you. The other person doesn’t even have to be willing or able to commit prostitution for you to be charged.

  1. The consequences extend beyond fines and jail time

Yes, you should be concerned about steep fines or spending time in jail. But these may actually be the least of your worries. The financial, professional, and personal implications of these criminal allegations can be even worse than the legal consequences. If your name and mugshot are published on a website or in the newspaper, you may find yourself a social outcast with no job, no relationship, and no future. If you are in the country illegally, it could even result in deportation. At the very least, your reputation will be sullied and one quick internet search will make sure your work and your relationships suffer significantly.

Prostitution charges have the power to impact your entire life, especially if you go without experienced legal representation. If you or someone you know is facing charges of prostitution or solicitation, contact Jared Justice today.

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