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Solicitation & Prostitution: Part 1

Commercial Sex Solicitation and other prostitution-related charges can carry a great deal of social stigma. They have the ability to ruin your marriage, your job, and your future. If you are charged with a prostitution-related sex crime, it is important that you seek out an attorney who is familiar with these types of criminal allegations.

In this two-part guide, we will explain the steps that you should take in order to assure your prostitution attorney has the best chance of success (part one), and explain some of the tools your lawyer can use to help ensure your future quality of life (part two).

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3 Big Myths About Drunk Driving That Can Land You in Big Trouble

DUII is a serious issue that affects the lives of millions: accidents, jail time, even death occur on a regular basis as the result of drunk driving.

There are thousands of cases each day that go completely unnoticed; in fact, of the 300,000 drunk driving incidents that occur daily, only 4,000 are caught. On average, most people who engage in drunk driving do so 80 times before being arrested.

But why do so many people drive drunk? And why do they do it so often? One of the biggest problems is that, despite countless campaigns to educate the public on drunk driving, many myths and misconceptions persist amongst drivers.

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Benefits of a Criminal Defense Attorney

The amount of people charged with crimes each year in America cost the U.S. economy roughly $239 billion dollars (without considering the costs of incarceration).  Between the costs of criminal defense lawyers, prosecutors, court staff, and judges, this has become quite expensive.  While it can be intimidating to be charged with a crime, and it can be hard to figure out the judicial system by yourself, a criminal defense attorney can be an excellent resource to turn to.

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Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a DUII Attorney

Hiring an attorney to represent you in court is a smart move when facing any legal issue, but it’s very important when you’ve been charged with a DUII. You might not have expert knowledge of Oregon’s DUII laws, which makes the right lawyer an absolute necessity. However, that doesn’t mean you should hire the first lawyer you find in the phonebook or online.

Here are some essential questions you need to be asking during your initial consultation to ensure you’re hiring the right Oregon DUII attorney for your case.

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A Few of the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Oregon DUII Laws

Did you know that the average drunk driver has gotten behind the wheel almost 80 times before their first arrest? It’s pretty scary to think about, but if you’re not aware of current Oregon DUII laws, it can be even scarier.

It’s one thing to break the law, but it’s another not to understand the law, especially when it comes to driving under the influence of intoxicants.  So, to make sure you understand the basics of a DUII conviction in Oregon, here are some of the most frequently asked questions, answered for you.

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Oregon Man Gets DUII Conviction Reversed After Wheelchair Ruling

Drunk driving remains a serious issue in the United States, and the dangers are even greater than many people realize. That’s because drivers who make the mistake of operating their motor vehicles after drinking alcohol don’t just make this irresponsible decision once or twice after a night of drinking. Sadly, an average drunk driver has been drunk behind the wheel roughly 80 times before their first arrest.

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First Time DUII Offender? Here is What You Need To Know

In Oregon, state law prohibits the operation of a motor vehicle by a driver impaired by alcohol or drugs to a noticeable and perceptible degree.  Even if you are at or below a .08 BAC, you are at risk of getting a DUII if you are impaired.  Knowing when to contact a Clackamas County attorney is extremely important to your DUII defense.

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Two Portland Timbers Arrested and Charged With DUII in Lake Oswego

This October in Oregon, star athletes Jacob Gleeson and Liam Ridgewell were arrested and charged with DUII.

Drunk driving is an epidemic across the entire country, as the average drunk driver gets behind the wheel intoxicated at least 80 times before they’re arrested.  When someone is charged with drunk driving, a DUII can carry serious consequences that can potentially ruin someone’s life for years, even decades, to come.  However, with the right DUII attorney, it’s possible to overcome an arrest and improve your life for the better.  That being said, we’ll have to wait and see how the two star players for the Portland Timbers handle their DUII charges in Lake Oswego Municipal Court.

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