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Solicitation & Prostitution: Part 1

Commercial Sex Solicitation and other prostitution-related charges can carry a great deal of social stigma. They have the ability to ruin your marriage, your job, and your future. If you are charged with a prostitution-related sex crime, it is important that you seek out an attorney who is familiar with these types of criminal allegations.

In this two-part guide, we will explain the steps that you should take in order to assure your prostitution attorney has the best chance of success (part one), and explain some of the tools your lawyer can use to help ensure your future quality of life (part two).

Steps You Can Take After Being Arrested

Being arrested for solicitation can be overwhelming. Because of the embarrassment and pressure from the police, it is easy to make a mistake that could hurt your case. If you find yourself under arrest (or under investigation), here are some tips to help you avoid incriminating yourself any further.

  1. Do not agree to any searches

Being arrested for a crime does not necessarily mean that you will be convicted, or that you have to willingly provide incriminating evidence. This is why you should not consent to any search before speaking to a lawyer (especially a search of your cell phone).

  1. Do not make any statements

Again, it is important that you exercise your right to silence. Until you talk to a lawyer, it is hard to know what might be used against you. Additionally, any statement you make could limit the number of options for your defense. It might be tempting to claim it was your first time to attempt to garner sympathy, but don’t, making a statement like that will only hurt your case. Very few people get caught their first time committing a crime. For example, a person will likely drive drunk 80 times before their first arrest. A similar truth exists for those arrested for prostitution related offenses.


If you are charged with soliciting sex or prostitution, you should immediately get in contact with a prostitution attorney.

Hopefully, part one of two of this blog has helped you understand your rights and how to exercise them should you be arrested for prostitution or commercial sex solicitation. In the second part of this blog, we will examine ways a lawyer can help your defense.


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