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Tips for Staying Sober During Parties

Tips for Staying Sober During Parties

While parties are fun causes of celebration for many, for those that have struggled with addiction, they’re often incredibly stressful. They bring about a myriad of challenges for those in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Whether you’ve had DUIIs, lash out, or abuse substances, you must take the right steps to avoid these triggers and continue on the path of recovery. If you want to make certain you don’t make any bad decisions or relapse, take a look at these tips for staying sober during parties. You’ll be glad you decided to stay sober!

Designate an On-Call Sober Friend

One of the best things you can do for yourself during a party is to have a sober buddy. Whether you bring your friend along to family gatherings or a work celebration, this person will be on-call when you need them most. This may not even mean that they need to physically be with you, but they will at least be there on the phone if you start to slip.

Have Sober Strategies in Place

Before you go to any party that could potentially trigger a relapse, figure out a plan to protect your sobriety. This can mean various things and will most likely include techniques you’ve learned from any rehab facility or therapy sessions. Meditation, exercise, and removal from the situation are all excellent options to have in your protection plan.

Avoid Known Risks and Triggers

If you know that family dinner parties are a trigger for you, don’t go. If you know that hanging out with that one friend always leads to trouble, don’t hang out with him or her. Celebrations may be special, but don’t give so much that it becomes harmful. As much as you may want to “power through,” it’s unrealistic for you to handle every single event. Staying sober and protecting your recovery should always come first.

Plan Support Before and After

Finally, do your best to ‘bookend’ your support groups, meetings, or phone calls. If you have a family gathering you can’t really say no to, try to attend a meeting both before and after the event. This will help you stay accountable and give you people to turn to if things go awry.

Hopefully, following these tips will help you stay sober and safe during any party you attend. If something happens, and you relapse and get behind the wheel—turn to Jared Justice. As a West Linn DUII attorney, he can help you lessen your charges. Remember, you don’t have to go through it alone!

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