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Visiting Oregon? Everything You Need to Know about the Marijuana Law

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Oregon was one of the first states to legalize weed for recreational use, but that doesn’t mean it’s a marijuana free-for-all. If you’re looking to avoid seeking DUII attorneys in Clackamas County or DUII lawyers in Beaverton, here are some facts about legalized marijuana to keep you safe.

Don’t do it if you’re under 21
Weed is regulated in some ways that are similar to alcohol. Though they don’t have the same effect on the user, treat weed as you would alcohol and you should manage to stay safe in the eyes of the law. In this case, if you’re under 21 years old, you cannot smoke, no if, ands, or buts. However, if you are over the age of 21, you can use and buy marijuana in Oregon, so long as you follow the following piece of advice.

Don’t smoke and drive
That also includes edibles. If you consume any marijuana and drive, you might get pulled over and charged with a DUII — driving under the influence of intoxicants. Any intoxicant that impairs the ability to drive is a danger to both you and the other drivers on the road. If you’re don’t know what to do when facing a DUII charge, consider looking up DUII attorneys in Clackamas County or a West Linn criminal defense attorney. Oregon can seem like a huge place, but their larger cities have wonderful resources for criminal defense lawyers that excel in state DUII law. When over 10 million people reported driving on drugs in 2012, these lawyers have had to evolve and grow with the changing laws, especially when weed was legalized in Oregon in 2015.

Don’t take it home with you
As a tourist, you might consider bringing it back to your home state; it can be tempting, but don’t do it! You cannot take medical marijuana outside of the state border, even to other locations where recreational marijuana use is legal. Additionally, you cannot bring outside marijuana into the state that has legalized it. As such, it must be purchased or gifted to you by a business or friend within Oregon. If you’re caught driving or flying with marijuana across state lines, a police officer may ask you to get rid of the marijuana before you continue your journey — if you’re lucky. If you’re carrying more than the legal amount, you might be arrested, even if you’re within state borders.

As a tourist, it’s up to you to respect the laws and customs of the place you’re visiting. Knowing the legal ramifications regarding marijuana is the first step to enjoying your recreational use safely. If you have been convicted with a DUII, don’t hesitate to contact DUII attorneys in Clackamas County to gain sound legal advice.

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