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What if I Can’t Afford A Lawyer for My DUII Charge?

What if I Can’t Afford A Lawyer for My DUII Charge?

Beaverton DUII lawyers can be expensive, and if you are in a tight spot financially, hiring a lawyer might not even be an option for you. If you have been charged with a DUII, the cost of finding a lawyer can be quite overwhelming. But, no matter what, if you face charges for driving under the influence of intoxicants, you should seek legal counsel. If you cannot afford a DUII lawyer, do not worry. You have options. According to a 2013 article published by The New York Times, “80 percent of state criminal defendants cannot afford to pay for lawyers and have to depend on court-appointed counsel.” With that said, if you cannot afford a lawyer, here are some possible solutions.

1. Public Defenders

In a lot of criminal cases, the defendants are considered legally indigent and unable to afford lawyers. The law does not allow courts to prosecute indigent individuals unless there is an attorney provided to them. Because of this, states are supposed to appoint public defenders to those who otherwise cannot afford a private attorney.

These licensed lawyers only represent defendants who seem particularly needy and who lack the necessary income to obtain their own lawyer.

2. Pro Bono Attorney

Generally speaking, an attorney will only do pro bono work for a DUII case if there is irrefutable evidence of mistreatment from the arresting officer. If you are not sure if your case will be considered pro bono, consider consulting with a lawyer who does a free first-time consultation. After reviewing your case, the lawyer will let you know if there is enough evidence for pro bono work.

3. Represent Yourself

You are well within your legal rights to represent yourself, but it is not recommended. A last case scenario, this will require a lot of research on your part. Gather documents that you think could support your innocence, such as medical history, similar court cases and their rulings, cash bail receipts, and more. There are some websites that can give you information about your DUII arrest, like this one. This will help you figure out how much your DUII will cost, the best DUII offense strategies, what medical conditions can alter your test, and more. A lot of people wonder what they will do if they cannot afford a lawyer, but with enough research, you can build a strong case and hopefully get your DUII charges dismissed.

It may be difficult, but it is always a good idea to find representation if you are ever charged with a DUII. Insufficient funds should not prevent you from defending yourself—talk to a criminal defense attorney today to see how they can help.

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