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What You Need to Know About Measure 11 Crimes & Who Can Help

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Serious crimes come with serious consequences—Oregon truly believes in this idea, and brings it to fruition with ballot initiative Measure 11. If you’ve been charged with a  Measure 11 crime  in  Lake Oswego or any other cities or counties within Oregon, find a  criminal defense attorney  right away.  Here is some important information you’ll want to know about what exactly a measure 11 crime is, and how criminal defense attorneys can help you fight this charge. 

What is Measure 11? 

To put it simply,  Measure 11 crimes  are the most serious “one strike you’re out” crimes. According to  Multnomah County, “Oregon voters approved Ballot Measure 11 in November 1994 to apply  mandatory minimum  prison  sentences  to certain crimes against persons committed on or after April 1, 1995, with no possibility for any reduction in sentence, such as for good behavior.”  

The Measure also takes away sentencing authority from the judge; there is no longer the opportunity for case-by-case sentencing—minimum prison terms are all up to standard protocols. These mandatory minimum sentences vary depending on what exactly the crime committed was. Here are a few examples of what crimes are considered to be Measure 11 crimes and their  sentencing guidelines

CrimeMandatory Minimum Sentence
Assault II5 years and 10 months
Manslaughter II6 years and 3 months
Rape II6 years and 3 months
Arson I (represented a threat of serious physical injury)7 years and 6 months
Kidnapping I (when the victim is under 12 and is for the purpose of committing Rape I, Sodomy I, or Unlawful Penetration)Otherwise25 years  7 years and 6 months
Unlawful Penetration I8 years and 4 months
Attempted Aggravated Murder10 years
Murder25 years
Aggravated Murder30 years to Life

Why a Criminal Defense Attorney is Necessary 

Since a Measure 11 charge is the most serious type of charge you can face in Oregon, you’ll need to find the right criminal defense attorney for you, right away. Remember, there is mandatory prison time, even if you have never been convicted or accused of anything in your past. Because of this there are many numerous devastating effects to Measure 11 crimes. 

Without a tenacious lawyer, you will be subjecting yourself to low chances of fighting this charge. However, once you’ve found the right criminal defense attorney that will help you with your case, your case will be fought with the passion and intensity it deserves. 

Jared Justice, a  criminal defense attorney, can help you battle these charges across all counties in Oregon. Retaining investigators, forensic psychologists, forensic computer experts, and many more will help to prepare you with the best defense possible. The best attorneys understand the importance of witness testimony, witness backgrounds, and social media, and how these can affect the case outcome. Make sure you have the best criminal defense attorney to help you through this difficult time. 

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