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What’s At Risk When You’re Charged With Prostitution

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According to the U.S. Department of Justice, more than 43,000 women were arrested for prostitution-related offenses in 2010. While people on the outside may scoff at their life decisions, the reality is that many of these women are forced into what’s known as “the life” in order to survive (or even against their will). Even worse, the world’s oldest profession comes with an immense number of health and safety risks. Physical abuse and assault, sexually transmitted diseases, and incarceration are just some of the potential consequences of working as a prostitute. And if you are arrested and charged with a prostitution-related crime, you could also face other ramifications. In order to have the best chance of avoiding or minimizing the following consequences, it’s essential that you contact a prostitution defense attorney to protect your rights and to fight on your behalf.

Potential Consequences of Prostitution Arrests Include…

    • Unemployment: If you are arrested for and subsequently convicted of prostitution charges, you will likely find it difficult to secure gainful employment in the future. When applying for a new job, your would-be employer will perform a criminal background check. Sadly, many employers won’t look past a criminal prostitution charge. Being charged with a crime could also cause you to lose any professional licensing you already have; if you are currently employed by other means, you might automatically lose your job as a result.


    • Public Scrutiny: When you’re convicted of prostitution, these charges will be notated on your driving record. While first-time offenders may not have to worry as much, since those records can be viewed only by law enforcement. But those who have dealt with multiple charges and/or convictions should know that those records are viewable to the public. If you are swept up in a prostitution ring or another high-profile case, you may need to be worried about your photo and personal information being shared in the media. This could cause important people in your life to judge you or completely turn their backs on you. You may end up being at the center of relentless gossip and rumors, especially in the age of social media. Unfortunately, your prostitution lawyers in Portland may not be able to do anything to keep this information out of the public eye, despite their best efforts.


  • Housing Issues: If you end up being convicted of prostitution charges, you could very well be found in violation of your lease or other housing agreement. This could result in your eviction (as well as the eviction of your family, if they live in the same home). In addition, your conviction could make it extremely difficult to secure housing in the future. Just like an employer does, housing managers and owners will typically conduct background checks and will require you to list criminal convictions on your application. Ultimately, you may find it nearly impossible to find a safe place to live, much less pay for it.

Your prostitution lawyers in Portland will caution you that there are other risks, as well. You might lose your ability to drive, assuming your car was allegedly involved in the commitment of the crime. And if your charges are upgraded to a felony and you’re convicted, you may even have your right to vote be taken away (which is a substantial blow in these politically charged times). If you are facing charges like these, the best thing you can do is to contact reputable prostitution lawyers in Portland to develop your defense. While they may not be able to completely remove these risks, they can at least mitigate them by dedicating themselves to your case.

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