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Canby Driving While Suspended Attorney

Driving while suspended is a crime that is commonly seen in Canby Municipal Court, as well as other municipal courts around the Clackamas County area. If you are charged with this, having an attorney help you may be the best decision you can make regarding your case. Familiarity with the prosecutors and judges around the area can be a true asset, and can make the difference between being able to legally drive or not.

Not all crimes come with a license suspension, and not all license suspensions are related to a crime involving a vehicle. Further, some crimes allow for a person to get a hardship permit, and some do not. It is extremely important to note that you may only be able to get a hardship permit if the convicting judge signs off on it. Some will, some will not, and some will eventually—having an attorney can help you answer these questions about the future of your driving status.

The most common situation is when someone is caught driving after being charged with a DUII, which was the result of a breath test failure or refusal. In many situations the court has not yet suspended your license for the DUII (and may not), but the DMV has suspended your license for a breath test failure or refusal.

We understand that driving is a part of everyday life, and we can help you get back on track. There are many reasons a license can get criminally suspended, for example: a DUII conviction, a conviction for Hit & Run, or being a habitual offender, to name a few. Let us help you go through the reasons for your suspension, and potential ways around it (such as a hardship permit). Although there may not be a way around having a suspended license, we have experience and success in helping people understand the time limitations and requirements of getting partially or fully reinstated.

We deal with many different kinds of criminal allegations, contact us today for help with your Canby driving while suspended matter.

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