Case Results

Case Date Practice Area Outcome Description
State v. Anonymous Feb 2018 Theft Reduced All charges were reduced to infractions so that our client could avoid any criminal convictions on their record.
State v. S.A. Feb 2018 Reckless Driving Reduced All charges were reduced in order to save our client from having their license suspended.
State v. Anonymous Nov 2017 Commercial Sex Solicitation Dismissed Charges were dismissed so that our client would not have to face some of the many social ramifications that come with being involved in a prostitution sting.
State v. M.C. Oct 17, 2017 Hit & Run Acquitted We went to trial on this, and our client was acquitted of all charges.
State v. J.J. Feb 16, 2017 Criminal Defense Dismissed Our argument for suppression was so compelling that the prosecution dismissed the case prior to having a hearing on the suppression issues.
State v. I.C. Feb 9, 2017 DUI/DUII Dismissed State decided to dismiss DUII allegations because they could not prove when the controlled substances were consumed.
State v. M.X. Jan 21, 2016 Domestic Violence Dismissed Felony assault charges dismissed.
State v. G.S. Oct 29, 2015 DUI / DUII Dismissed Prosecution wanted to revoke clients diversion agreement, but were not able to prove alcohol consumption.
State v. D.K. Mar 23, 2015 Criminal Defense Violation Theft allegations were reduced to a violation to protect a student’s criminal record.
State v. Anonymous Jan 05, 2015 Sex Crimes Not Charged Based on meetings with police, we were able to convince the officers that the charges were unfounded. The case was not forwarded to the D.A. on allegations of Rape 1.
State v. A.S. Dec 15, 2014 Criminal Defense No Complaint Able to get in front of the case and convince the prosecution that no charges should be file.
State v. T.R. Aug 08, 2013 Criminal Defense Reduced to a violation Client charged with theft in the second degree, caught red handed.
State v. R.G. Feb 04, 2013 DUI / DUII Prosecution forced to dismiss Moved to suppress the evidence based on the officer sticking his head in the vehicle, “breaking the plain.” Judge ruled in our favor-stating that is was a search.
State v. P.A. Jan 10, 2013 Criminal Defense Not Guilty Client was found not guilty after a two day trial.
State v. P.J. Aug 01, 2012 Domestic Violence Dismissed A domestic violence case. This one would have been great for trial, but the prosecution dismissed the case at the last minute.
City of Tualatin v. P.C. Jul 26, 2012 Speeding & Traffic Ticket Dismissed The police department could not produce their own documents.
State v. M.D. Jul 12, 2011 Criminal Defense Civil Compromise Hit & run.

About Jared Justice

Jared Justice is an experienced defense attorney specializing in DUI and criminal defense cases in courts throughout the Portland metro area. Jared was raised in the Oregon City and Canby area of Clackamas County before attaining his law degree from Western Michigan University, Thomas M. Cooley School of Law, in Lansing, MI. in 2008. While in school, he worked as an extern in the Washtenaw County Public Defender’s office, where he gained a wealth of experience helping people overcome misdemeanor and felony allegations.

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