How to Get a Hardship License

Getting an Oregon hardship permit can keep the foundations of your life stable while you undergo the uncertain process of the court system. Jared Justice, a Clackamas County DUI Lawyer, can help you develop a proper plan regarding DUI charges, which can remove some anxieties you may have regarding your own and your family’s financial security.

What is a Hardship License?

Hardship permits are available for some license suspensions, and knowing if you qualify can make a tremendous impact throughout this difficult ordeal. Primarily, it is important to understand exactly what a hardship permit can do for you. Simply put, they allow you to drive non-commercial motor vehicles in a limited capacity. A hardship permit may allow you to drive within the following parameters:

  • To and from work
  • While on certain jobs that require driving, such as delivery
  • To seek employment
  • To take part in a rehabilitation program, for things such as gambling addiction or drug use

You may qualify for a hardship permit under certain conditions. You usually can qualify if your license is suspended following a traffic crime, which includes misdemeanors such as a hit and run, driving under the influence, and reckless driving. It is important to consider enlisting the guidance of an experienced DUI lawyer such as Jared Justice, who can set you on an early path toward the best possible outcome.

How Can I Apply for a Hardship License?

Visit Oregon’s DMV hardship permit page, download the application, fill it out, gather all the required documentation, pay the fees, and mail everything to the listed address. However, there are some important aspects of the process that should be factored into the overall decision-making process. The entire process could take up to ten days and the permit will not be issued until the suspension is in effect. You may also be required to serve a mandatory suspension for a period of time before the permit is issued.

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