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Clackamas County Prostitution Defense Lawyer

Clackamas County handles prostitution cases differently than many courts, and that’s not a good thing. For example, the general first time offender offer in Clackamas County is usually a small fine, bench probation, a small amount of jail and/or community service, and very likely a class. This may not seem like much, but it is much more than other courts require.

If you have been charged with a crime involving prostitution or commercial sex solicitation you should consult with a prostitution defense lawyer in Clackamas County immediately. For years, this firm has successfully represented clients with the utmost discretion regarding this extremely sensitive situation.

How do the police usually catch people?

In the last couple of years Clackamas County and other municipal jurisdictions within Clackamas County have been cracking down on prostitution and prostitution related offenses. There are a variety of ways that the police investigate these crimes.

One example is when the police post fake advertisements on websites that are known for advertising prostitution services. Once someone makes contact with the advertiser (the police), the police set up a meeting with the unsuspecting client. This meeting usually takes place at a lower end hotel or at a private residence. Once the person arrives, the police either arrest them or give them a citation to appear in court.

Another common example is when the police contact an advertiser pretending to be an interested client. The police use the same methods as above, with the exception that their roles are reversed. In this situation it has also been a recent trend for law enforcement to investigate promoting prostitution (ORS 167.012). If the person arrives with another person the police try to investigate and question all parties regarding who posted the advertisement and why they are together at that time. Promoting prostitution can have very serious penalties; it is very important to exercise your right to remain silent and never consent to anything, especially the search of a cell phone.

Usually when police do this they are not targeting you specifically, but trying to catch as many people as possible in as little time as possible.

We deal with many different kinds of criminal allegations. Contact us today to speak with an experienced prostitution defense attorney in Clackamas County for help with your prostitution charges.

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