Clackamas County and Portland Driving While Suspended Attorney

Driving with a suspended license in Oregon is a very common criminal allegation and can be charged as a violation, misdemeanor, or felony. Generally, the reason that your license is suspended will dictate whether it is a violation, misdemeanor, or felony.

A driving while suspended lawyer oftentimes has a massive impact in this situation by helping you to navigate through the timelines of the suspensions and hardship permit process (if available). Although driving when your license is suspended may not seem like a serious matter, it comes with very real penalties.

The most common situation is when someone is caught driving after being charged with a DUI, which was the result of a breath test failure. In many situations, the court has not yet suspended your license for the DUI (and may not), but the DMV has suspended your license for a breath test failure.

Some common situations are:

  • Suspended license due to a breath test failure or refusal;
  • Suspended license due to a DUII conviction;
  • Suspended license for a Hit and Run;
  • Suspended license due to a reckless driving or criminal mischief conviction; and,
  • Many other crimes/reasons for a driver's license suspension.

How are these fought?

Driving while suspended in Oregon is commonly fought through tough negotiation tactics and zealous advocacy, as there are very few defenses to these allegations (necessity, notice, and a few others). The first step in a driving while suspended matter is to meet with a local driving while suspended lawyer like Jared Justice, get your defense lined up, and coordinate a plan for how to proceed.

For example, a DUI lawyer can meet with you and review your entire history to determine if the suspension is valid or not and determine whether there is an issue with the initial reason you were pulled over. Further, an experienced lawyer for driver’s license suspension cases can assist you in gathering mitigating information that a prosecutor will want to see to determine how much leniency to give. A charge of driving while suspended can oftentimes get reduced (from a felony to a misdemeanor, or from a misdemeanor to a violation) through proper representation.

Hiring an experienced DUI lawyer who knows how to approach the nuances of cases involving driving with a suspended license is vital to reaching the most favorable outcome.

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