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The stress of a DUII charge can be overwhelming and incredibly confusing for many people. It is important to contact a Portland DUII lawyer immediately. Although it is a very common charge that many people get, a DUII can have endless consequences. Let us help you through the process and fight for your rights during every aspect of your case.

The Common Traffic Stop

Often times people are initially stopped for speeding, swerving, or any other traffic violation that starts a DUII investigation. One of the most common mistakes people make is admitting to the use of alcohol or a controlled substance. All that admission does is give the officer grounds to fully initiate a DUII investigation. Generally, it starts with admission or odor of alcohol, but as soon as the officer has a justified belief, you will be asked to perform extremely difficult standardized field sobriety tests (SFST).

The Arrest

The specifics of how each situation unfold are always different in every case. That said, typically when you're arrested for DUII, you will usually be taken to the jail/police station and asked to provide a breath sample. Many people have the question of “Do I have to blow into a breathalyzer?”—The answer is: The police are required to give you a reasonable amount of time to contact an attorney, so call an attorney as soon as you can after your arrest. Even if you do not blow, it has been a recent trend for police to obtain a warrant for your blood and have it forcibly drawn and analyzed. If you fail a breathalyzer test or refuse to take one, it’s important to understand what your next step is—the DMV hearing.

The Implied Consent Hearing (aka, the "DMV Hearing")

After your arrest, you will have 10 days to request an implied-consent hearing, or "DMV Hearing," for a BAC failure or refusal. The DMV hearing is crucial to your DUII case and suspension of your license. We commonly set these up for our clients who contact us within 10 days of their arrest.

Your Court Date

Courts vary greatly on their procedures. It is important to hire an attorney like Jared who understands the local customs and practices so that you can always be in the best possible position throughout your DUII case. It is important to note that you must be present at every court appearance (unless represented by an attorney).

Some common questions are:

  • Will my license be suspended? If so, for how long?
  • Will I go to jail?
  • What is the diversion program? Am I eligible?
  • I entered the diversion program, and haven’t heard anything. What should I do?
  • Will I have to have an ignition interlock device in my car?

We are here to answer any and all questions that you have. We understand there are a lot. The hassle and uncertainty of a DUII charge can be overwhelming. We are here to fight for you and make sure that you understand exactly what is going on with the court process, license suspension, hardship permit, and many more issues that come along with DUII allegations.

How are these fought?

DUII charges can be extremely complicated—hiring an attorney like Jared who is familiar with these cases is the best first step you can take. Over the years, Jared and his team have fought many DUII cases, from first-time offenders eligible for diversion courses to repeat offenders facing a Felony DUII charge with possible permanent license revocation.

As a brief overview, fighting your case will begin with the timely scheduling of the implied consent hearing and thorough cross-examination of the officer at this hearing. The next step begins with creating a steadfast defensive strategy against your DUII charge. This consists of filing the appropriate motions and faithfully advocating for you all the way through the trial. The Law Office of Jared Justice utilizes top-tier investigators, former police officers, drug recognition experts, and veteran toxicologists as expert witnesses during your DUII trial. If you’re looking for one of the best DUII lawyers in Portland and throughout Oregon’s court system, look no further than Jared Justice.

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