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Felony Representation

Felony charges have some of the most serious penalties a crime can have. If charged with a felony you could be facing substantial jail or prison time and a large financial penalty. Felonies also have a large effect on your rights. Some common aspects of everyday life a felony can impair are as follows: employment, firearms rights, housing, criminal records, and the list goes on…The first thing you should do when arrested for a felony is contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. This will put you in a better position to prepare for your case and limit the effect a felony will have on your life.

If you are being investigated by law enforcement for a potential felony, you should contact an attorney immediately. Having an experienced attorney to speak with you regarding the investigation can go a long way. Since you have not been arrested yet, it is likely that law enforcement doesn’t have enough evidence to arrest you, or they do not think the prosecution has enough evidence to convict you. Keep in mind that if law enforcement had enough evidence to arrest you, they would (in most circumstances). Having the right defense attorney during this critical time is one of the best decisions a person can make.

Some common situations are:

How are these fought?

Felonies are fought through motions, negotiations, and trial, just like any other crime. However, felonies tend to be much more complicated given the severity of the charges. The first step when charged with any felony is to sit down with a criminal defense attorney and develop a plan.

We prepare for our felony cases largely based on our clients’ goals. Throughout the course of representation on a felony matter, the first meeting (of many) should be to talk about goals, which are specific to the individual. Many of our clients would like to know the outcome of many different scenarios, depending on their goals for the case. We strive to provide that information to the best of our ability.

Experienced criminal defense in your felony case makes a difference. Call today to set up an appointment for a confidential consultation.

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