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Lake Oswego DUII Attorney

Many people being charged with a DUII in Lake Oswego do not know what to expect. Being arrested for a DUII can be a long, drawn-out, and extremely stressful part of your life. We understand how stressful this can be and are here to help you navigate through the process every step of the way. Having an experienced Lake Oswego DUII attorney to inform you and fight for you can help you overcome your Lake Oswego DUII case, and alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that comes with any criminal charge.

Every minute counts when it comes to creating a strong case for you. The first 10 days are incredibly important, so that notice can be filed for a DMV (implied-consent) hearing. This is one of the strongest tools that we have in preparing your DUII defense. Officers must follow strict protocols when administering field sobriety tests, giving breath tests, or taking blood samples. A mistake or skipped step during this process could help you with a defense in your Lake Oswego DUII case.

What should come next?

When prosecuted for this crime in Lake Oswego Municipal Court, you may be offered the DUII diversion program. This program entails fines, classes, agreements, and other factors that have a serious impact on your life. Speaking with an experienced defense attorney can help prepare you for this burdensome program and stick with you through it to ensure you are not convicted. Not everyone who enters this program is successful, it can be a rocky-road to successful completion. We have experience in probation violations and diversion show cause hearings as well. This may assist you in getting through the DUII diversion program successfully.

No one is ever prepared to be charged with a DUII, let us help you during the burdensome months that lie ahead.

We deal with many DUII charges in Lake Oswego Municipal Court. We also deal with many other charges in that court, and other jurisdictions.

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