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Oregon City DUI Diversion Attorney

A criminal allegation of Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants (commonly referred to as DUI, DUII, or DWI) can be an extremely stressful scenario. If you have an upcoming court date in the Oregon City or Gladstone area for the crime of DUI, you should have an attorney on your side. Having an experienced attorney can truly help you navigate through this difficult process, and help you to get the best result possible.

Most Oregon City/Gladstone DUI Diversion attorneys can help you enter the diversion program. But this program can be very intensive and incredibly frustrating. We don’t just help you get into the diversion program, we help you to understand it and stick with you throughout the entire process to ensure the program is successfully completed.

It has been an ongoing trend over the past few years for the Oregon City and Gladstone area prosecutors to object to a person trying to enter the DUI diversion program. There are many reasons that a prosecutor will object to a petitioner’s eligibility, some of which may be inaccurate. A couple of common reasons the prosecution will object are if you had a child in the car, or if you have an inordinately high blood-alcohol level. This is one of the many reasons why it is crucial to have an experienced Oregon City/Gladstone DUI diversion attorney fighting for you every step of the way.

Many times people who are eligible for the DUI diversion program choose to enter the program without the help of an attorney. Some people are successful, many are not. It is important to hire an attorney who is familiar with the law, and it is equally important to hire an attorney that is familiar with the court where you are cited appear, the prosecutor in charge of your case, and the judge who will hear your case. This type of knowledge cannot be read; it is learned through experience.

We have handled many issues that arise with the DUI diversion program in the Oregon City and Gladstone area. We have successfully litigated diversion eligibility issues, issues of non-compliance, extension issues, and ignition interlock failure issues—with outstanding success over the years.

An implied consent (DMV) hearing is one of the strongest tools that we have in preparing your DUI defense. This must be requested with 10 after your DUI arrest.

We deal with many different kinds of criminal allegations, DUI diversion issues, and diversion eligibility issues. Contact us today for help with your DUI matter in the Oregon City and Gladstone area.

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