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Oregon City DUI LAWYER

Whether you are facing DUII accusations or other criminal charges in the Oregon City and Gladstone area, we limit the financial exposure and emotional toll that many of these allegations come with. The Law Office of Jared Justice is proud to offer highly effective and experienced legal services to Oregon City and Gladstone residents. This firm has many valued partnerships with investigators, expert witnesses, and research assistants to ensure that you will have the best defense possible in your case.

Many people just assume that being charged with a DUII is a done deal. In fact, there are many steps that can be taken to overcome these insurmountable odds. Your Oregon City or Gladstone DUII case likely involves field sobriety tests, a breath test/refusal, or a blood draw. In any of these scenarios, the law requires officers to abide by stringent standards and rules of procedure. Many people do not know they have a viable defense to their DUII case, until it’s too late. Avoid jail, fines, and further license sanctions by contacting us today.

What IS the best thing I can do now?

If you are facing a DUII charge, don’t hesitate. Every minute counts when it comes to creating a strong case for you. The first 10 days are incredibly important, because notice must be filed for a DMV (implied-consent) hearing. This is one of the strongest tools that we have in preparing your DUII defense.

Many courts in the Oregon City area offer the DUII diversion program. This program entails fines, classes, agreements, and other factors that have a serious impact on your life. Speaking with an experienced Oregon City DUII attorney can help prepare you for this burdensome program and stick with you through diversion to ensure you are not convicted.

We deal with many DUII charges in Oregon City and Gladstone Courts. We also deal with many other charges in either court, and other jurisdictions.

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