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West Linn Driving While Suspended Attorney

Driving while suspended is a criminal allegation that is commonly seen in West Linn Municipal Court. This is largely because of West Linn’s unique location and large freeway presence.

If you are charged with driving while suspended, having an attorney help you may be the best decision you can make regarding your case. Familiarity with the prosecutors, judges, and police procedure, in West Linn Municipal Court can be a true asset, and can make the difference between being able to legally drive or not.

Many people charged with this crime think that it is a done deal, and do not bother to consult with or hire an attorney to help them. This is a mistake. Although driving while suspended charges are tough to win at trial, there are many ways that these charges can be fought.

Driving while suspended is commonly fought through tough negotiation tactics and zealous advocacy, as there are very few defenses to these allegations (necessity, notice, and a few others). The first step in a driving while suspended matter is to meet with an attorney, get your defense lined up, and make a plan for how to proceed. As a general rule, the sooner an attorney can get in touch with the prosecution (for this crime, and in this court), the better the outcome will be.

For example, an attorney can meet with you and review your entire history to determine if the suspension is valid or not, and determine whether there is an issue with the reason you were pulled over. Further, an attorney can assist you in gathering mitigating information that a prosecutor will want to see to determine how much leniency to give. Many times a charge of driving while suspended can get reduced from a misdemeanor to a violation, which can help you mitigate the damage that a driving while suspended conviction can cause.

We deal with many different kinds of criminal allegations, contact us today for help with your West Linn driving while suspended matter.

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