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West Linn DUI Diversion Attorney

DUI diversion is a program set forth by statute in Oregon that allows a person accused of DUI to get the charges against them dismissed. Although it is offered state-wide, each individual court can often differ in how they treat entry into the program, and the issues that commonly arise throughout the participation in the program. To qualify for this program, there are many criteria that you must meet and numerous commitments you must make and fulfill.

A basic outline of the commitments are as follows: 1) Paying the entry fees, 2) Completing a substance abuse evaluation and the recommended treatment, 3) Attending the victims impact panel, 4) Abstaining from alcohol/drugs during the entire diversion period, and 5) Installing an ignition Interlock device during the entire diversion period.

This might seem simple enough. But what happens if one of these common problems arises:

  • The prosecution objects to me entering the diversion program, what now?
  • Can I get an extension to successfully complete treatment?
  • I have a detection of alcohol in my ignition interlock device, what do I do?
  • When can I get this ignition interlock device removed from my car?
  • I got arrested for driving while suspended, what happens now?

These are some of the many common problems that arise during the diversion period. Unlike many West Linn DUI Diversion attorneys, we don’t just help you get into the diversion program, we help you to understand it and stick with you throughout the entire process to ensure the program is successfully completed. Having an attorney available to help you throughout the diversion process can make the difference between successful completion resulting in a dismissal or revocation resulting in sentencing.

If you are facing a DUI charge in West Linn, remember that you only have the first 10-days after arrest to request an implied-consent hearing.

We have handled many issues that arise with the DUI diversion program in West Linn Municipal Court. We have successfully litigated diversion eligibility issues, issues of non-compliance, extension issues, and ignition interlock failure issues—with outstanding success over the years. Contact us today for help with your West Linn DUI matter or West Linn criminal matter.

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