Clackamas County and Portland Measure 11 Defense Lawyer

Measure 11 crimes in Oregon (ORS 137.700) are a category of crimes that the state has deemed the most serious. Under the law, if convicted, you could be looking at a mandatory minimum prison sentence. It is crucial to retain an attorney immediately when charged with a crime that falls under Measure 11 law. If possible, it is best to meet with and explain the situation to an experienced measure 11 defense lawyer as soon as you are being investigated. Further, when questioned by police, it is important to remain silent and contact an attorney immediately.

Some common Measure 11 crimes in Oregon involve:

How are these fought?

We have the ability to retain investigators, forensic psychologists, forensic computer experts, and many other experts that may be needed to prepare you with the best defense possible. Understanding the role of witness testimony, witness backgrounds, and social media in these cases is extremely important. We are diligent, prepared, and aggressive in our criminal defense tactics. We do not take every Measure 11 (or any other type of crime) case that we consult on, please feel free to call Jared Justice at 503-722-3981 to see if representation is a possibility.

Mitigating circumstances also play a large role in Measure 11 defense. By putting together a packet of all the problems with the prosecution's case, coupled with mitigating information about our clients, we have successfully negotiated many cases outside of Measure 11; thus, the end result is far less severe than a mandatory minimum sentence.

Over the years, we have successfully advocated for clients charged with Measure 11 crimes in Oregon. There aren’t many attorneys who do this successfully, we pride ourselves on being among the small number of attorneys who have successfully litigated these crimes. The risks associated with charges like these are too large not to have the best possible defense available.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be taken as legal advice. For advice on a legal matter, contact an attorney. Contact Jared Justice at 503-722-3981 or

Jared Justice is available to practice anywhere in the state of Oregon. He focuses on practicing in the following State Courts: Clackamas, Multnomah, Yamhill, Marion, and Washington Counties. He also practices in the following Municipal Courts: Lake Oswego, West Linn, Newberg, Canby, McMinnville, Troutdale, Oregon City, Beaverton, Milwaukie, Gladstone, and just about every other court in the Portland area.