Clackamas County and Portland Probation Violation Attorney

When a person has been convicted or plead guilty to a crime, unless there was substantial jail or prison time involved, they are likely on probation.

What is a probation violation and what might you expect? Probation is a period of time (between one- and five-years) during which the court imposes restrictions on what a person can or cannot do. Further, a court will also impose conditions that must be completed while on probation.

What happens if you get a probation violation in Oregon? When someone is initially accused, it is important to hire an attorney immediately. Substantiated violations and revocations of probation often come with punishments that are much more severe than the probationer had received on the original conviction. Every scenario is different for each individual case, so there is not an all-encompassing answer for the common question of “what is going to happen?” with a person’s probation.

Some of the most common situations involving Oregon probation violations are:

  • Downward departure issues;
  • New crimes;
  • Strict compliance;
  • Allegations of prohibited contact; or,
  • Consumption of a prohibited substance.

DUI Diversion & Deferred Sentences

There are many situations where a person gets an opportunity to participate in a diversion program or a deferred sentencing program. This is a situation that occurs when a person agrees to plead guilty, and in exchange, the court or prosecution agrees to dismiss the charges upon completion of certain conditions.

Although there is generally no conviction at this point, a show cause hearing while participating in one of these programs can have a big impact on a person's life. If a person participates in one of these programs and is found in violation, this could cause the revocation of the deferred sentencing agreement and sentencing could now proceed on the underlying crime.

Some common situations are:

  • Ignition interlock device failure during DUII diversion;
  • Conditional discharge issues;
  • Failing to fulfill an obligation; or,
  • New criminal convictions.

How are probation violations in Oregon fought?

  • Negotiation and advocacy: This process involves reviewing the alleged violations, assessing how probation has generally been going, coming up with a plan of action, and outlining the client’s goals. A probation violation lawyer will be able to speak with the probation officer and negotiate a resolution that is usually better than the original proposal. Ideally, speaking with the prosecution and showing them why the violation should be dismissed would be the best outcome. In some scenarios, admitting to the violation and showing the court why another chance is a better alternative to revocation is the best route to take.
  • Contesting the allegations: It is important to remember that although the prosecution has a lower burden to meet in a probation violation hearing, it is still the prosecution’s burden to reach that bar. There are often issues (evidentiary, witness, legal) that the prosecution cannot overcome. Successfully pointing out these flaws in the case is often enough to get the allegations dismissed.

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